About Rhythms

Rhythms of Life does not simply re-hash standard evolutionary rhetoric as other books on the topic have done; its aim is to provide readers with a credible and comprehensible explanation for how and why evolution works that is truly relevant to their own lives.

Many modern biologists believe that dogs and other domestic animals are artificial products of our intentional design, creatures so manipulated and removed from the nature that they can teach us nothing about how evolution works. I suggest nothing could be further from the truth.

The reality is that we know much less about how dogs came to be, and how breeds are developed, than most scientists will admit. The same is true about the process that turns one kind of wild animal into another. New species arise because of natural selection, but scientists really understand much less about how this works than were led to believe.

Ive spent almost 15 years investigating these issues and have made a startling discovery. I found that a simple biological mechanism exists that not only explains precisely how wolves became dogs but how all animals can change over time.

Thyroid rhythm theory takes Darwin's fundamental ideas to a whole new level because it provides the crucial link between genes, individuals and the environment that has been missing from previous explanations of evolution. Despite all the books that have been written to date, this is something neither Darwin nor anyone since his time have actually done.